Uncover the 'LA Highway' collection, where modern design meets urban charm. Made from 925 silver and available in both 18k gold plating and rhodium plating, this collection is a testament to contemporary elegance.

A Modern Twist on Elegance

Dive into the modern elegance of our 'LA Highway' collection, where each piece radiates a unique charm. With a blend of pearls and crystals, these statement pieces redefine sophistication.

The Urban Elegance

Our 'LA Highway' collection invites you to elevate your style with an infusion of urban beauty. Discover a range that captures the essence of a dynamic city, offering extraordinary designs to complement your individual fashion.

The Road to Exclusivity

Unearth the essence of Los Angeles with the 'LA Highway' collection. With designs that reflect the city's vibrant spirit, this exclusive range promises to infuse an urban touch into your fashion. Explore the unique pieces that epitomize modernity and class.

  • Introducing our ‘Bangkok Shine’ collection

    Embark on a journey inspired by the vibrant streets of Bangkok with our exquisite collection. Crafted from massive 925 silver, each piece is adorned with 18k gold plating, adding an opulent touch to urban chic.

    The heart of this collection lies in its abstract Thai inscription, beautifully symbolizing the word 'shine.' It's a nod to the radiant energy and sparkle of Bangkok, encapsulating the city's bold, unapologetic charm.

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  • Elevate your elegance with our ‘Paris Chic’ collection

    Experience the timeless allure of Paris with our exquisite collection. Inspired by the city's classiness, simplicity, and elegance, each piece is meticulously crafted in gold and adorned with lustrous pearls.

    From the romantic streets of Paris to its chic fashion, this collection captures the essence of the city of love. It's more than jewelry; it's a touch of Parisian sophistication you can wear.

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  • Explore our ‘New York Stucture’ collection

    Experience the grandeur of New York's iconic structures and architectural marvels in our new collection. Crafted from the finest silver and gold, these pieces are more than jewelry; they are a tribute to the city's beauty and complexity.

    Inspired by the metropolis's breathtaking architecture, each piece in this collection is a true masterpiece. From sleek lines to intricate details, we've captured the essence of New York's structure and design.

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  • Unveiling ‘the Dolomite Peaks’ Collection

    Get ready to embark on a journey inspired by the majestic landscapes of the Dolomites. Our massive 925 silver pieces pay homage to the breathtaking mountainous beauty of this iconic region.

    The essence of the Dolomites, with their rugged peaks and serene vistas, is encapsulated in each piece. These creations are more than just jewelry; they are a connection to the natural grandeur of the mountains.

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